Hi, I’m Kimberley, and I’m a land & seascape photographer currently living in South Wales.

I started photography back when phones first started having cameras, and I found myself snapping away whenever I saw something I liked. Everyone told me I had a natural eye for a shot, so I started posting my shots to Instagram and my love for photography just kept growing from there.

A couple of years ago I invested in an actual camera so I could take photography more seriously. I started using it for blogging (you may have been to this website when it used to be a blog), but the blogging community isn’t as embracing as the photography community, so I didn’t stick around for long. I have always loved the outdoors, particularly the sea and any body of water, so I found myself naturally gravitating towards landscape photography. Having found my niche, my love for photography has flourished along with my technical ability, and I decided to dedicate this corner of the internet to sharing my work with you. I hope it speaks to you.