My Blogger Gift Guide 2016

So it’s only 36 days until Christmas, and while most people would deem it too early to put my tree up, I can certainly start making a Christmas wish list.

So here’s my roundup of everything a makeup, mermaid, and clothing obsessed twenty-something would ever need this Christmas.

If anyone is feeling generous, I’ll send you my address…


Spectrum Collection makeup brushes 

Spectrum Makeup Brushes Cosmetics Mermaid Clam Shell

Can we just. Just. Look at them. It’s perfectly acceptable to pay £99 for a set of makeup brushes, right? And the bag looks like a clam shell.


Lime Crime Diamond Crushers

Lime Crime LipLime Crime Diamond Crushers

Oh God, I need these. They’re not actually lipglosses, but toppers. You can put them on bare lips, or with clear gloss, or over lipstick etc. You can also use them as a highlighter when you want to look like a mermaid unicorn, which, let’s be honest, is pretty much every day. The set of 6 will set you back $80.


Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart

I Heart Makeup Highlighter High Street Cosmetics



Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette

Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Cosmetics

OK so apparently this smells like chocolate? This palette has great reviews, a lot of people saying they actually prefer it over Urban Decay’s palettes. It costs £39.00 so it’s on the pricey side, but I’d definitely love to try this.


Clue L Tie Front Slinky Midi Dress from ASOS

Bodycon navy blue dress

At £14, this dress is an absolute bargain. I think this would be an amazing boob dress, and it’s in blue, which is my forever go-to colour.


ASOS Pleated Mini Skater Dress with Embellished Waist

white grecia

Last year when I was looking for outfits for Greece, you have no idea how much I wish I’d found this dress! It’s the perfect Grecian Goddess dress. I’m so tempted to buy it for my honeymoon next year.


Akasa Double Layer Stripe Beach Dress

stripe slouch dress

Again, I think this would be awesome for a holiday, so, it makes perfect sense to buy it in the winter, right?


ASOS Marble Dial Watch

marble dial rose gold peach nude

I’m currently obsessed with anything marble, and anything rose gold. This is a great watch for everyday use, and it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is, at only £22.00.


Gisele Bra by Jeanne Pompadour

Bralet Lingerie Underwear white lace

After falling in love with their Instagram account, I had to go check out their online boutique, and naturally have spent every day pining after this stunning bralet since. All of their products are beautiful, I seriously just need everything!


Stila Star Light Star Bright Highlighting Palette

Star Bright

This highlighter palette is beautiful! It’s a bit pricey at £32.00, but the colours look amazing, and it looks like the kind of highlighter that would show up a bit more, rather than having just a subtle highlight.


Club L Night Mermaid Blanket

New Look Knit Purple Warm Cozy

Every girl deserves to be a mermaid. I’m not a very strong swimmer, so I’ll settle for this blanket.


GHD Copper Luxe Deluxe Gift Set


There is no greater luxury than when your hair straighteners match your hairdryer. And when they’re a coppery, rose gold colour. This set is £195, so I’ll have to be a very good girl in order to have any hope of anyone buying this for me!


“What Would Blair Waldorf Do?” Travel Mug

Blair Waldorf Gossip Girl TV Show New York Memorabilia

I quite often find myself asking this question when making everyday decisions. Now I can have it on a travel mug! Don’t mind if I do. Check out my blog post about the best of Blair’s quotes here.


‘Maybe it’s an instagram filter’ makeup bag 

Instagram Slogan Quote Cosmetics

Being a bit of a selfie-whore, this seems like an obvious choice, no?


Disney Princess Dressing Gown

Primark Pink Disney Princess Girls

LOOK IT HAS A CROWN OMG. I need this. It looks so snuggly and I can be a princess so I just need it in my life ok?


Black + Blum Leaning Tower of Pasta

Black Blum Leaning Tower Pisa Kitchen Homeware

This pleases my love for carbs and Italy.


The Glam Guide by Fleur de Force

Fleur de Force Book

I actually saw her second book in ASDA the other day, and I can’t read that one without reading this one first, right?


The Luxe Life by Fleur de Force

Fleur de Force book glam beauty makeup

I’ve been drooling over Fleur’s blog (and her wedding video *sobs*) for ages now, and I saw this book in ASDA and it was just so pretty I know I need it on my bookshelf.


What are you lusting after this Christmas?



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