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Album Review: Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life

This is the post I’ve been waiting to write for so long! I’m such a huge Lana Del Rey fan and I could not contain my excitement when she started releasing new music earlier this year. After being a teeny bit disappointed with Honeymoon I was a little bit worried that I wouldn’t like this album, but after hearing the five songs she’s released already I’m much more excited than worried.

For the longest time I’ve been wanting her to go back to her Born To Die style as for me, that album is just pure magic and it was the reason I fell in love with her music. Since then, none of her albums have come close to BTD and I’ve subsequently been more and more disappointed with each one. Don’t get me wrong, there are songs on both Ultraviolence and Honeymoon that I absolutely ADORE, but on BTD I love every single song, and I think that’s so rare for an artist to be able to do. But I have to say, lately I’ve been finding myself listening to the latter two albums more and more and skipping songs from BTD. I think that because that album was so important for me, a part of me wasn’t giving any new music a chance to be just as good just because it was completely different to her earlier stuff. I feel like I’m slowly starting to change that and accept that she’s not the same person she was on Born To Die and I am definitely feeling the new Lana.

Having listened to Lust For Life loudly through headphones from start to finish, I am absolutely in awe. This is probably her best album to date (yes, better than Born To Die). There is not a single song I don’t like and I can’t tell you how hard that is to do for me. There is something for everyone, there’s classic BTD style Lana, hip-hop, acoustic guitar, piano, dreamy ballads, etc. This album is just incredible, I am SO in love with it.

Anyway, here is my track-by-track review of the album. This is based on first impressions, aside from the five tracks she had already released (Love, Lust For Life, Coachella, Summer Bummer, and Groupie Love).

Lana Del Rey Lust For Life Album Music Review


(Released 18/02/17)

This is the first track Lana released from LFL and it’s made me so excited about this album release! It has such a Born to Die vibe about it (and actually, a bit of Young & Beautiful), so dramatic and atmospheric, but still romantic all the same. It’s one of those songs which immediately captures you, opposed to some which take a little time to grow on you – this track is classic Lana at her finest. The music and production is outstanding, and her vocals are so stunning. I also love that this is one of her happier songs, which makes for a great album opener and hopefully sets the tone for the rest of the record.


Lust For Life (feat. The Weeknd)

(Released 19/04/17)

This song was the second song to be released from the album, and correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it one of Lana’s first collaborations? I did like this song at first, but it took a few listens for me to love it mainly because of the talking parts in the verses. But listening to it now it gives me goosebumps. I just can’t get over how well their voices gel together, it’s bordering on orgasmic. If I were to compare this to older material it’d probably be in-between Born to Die and Ultraviolence, as it’s got that atmospheric dreamy feel to it like BTD has but it’s a bit heavier than anything on that album, but more synth heavy than guitar rocky as UV is.


13 Beaches

Ok already this song has given me goosebumps. Wow. Loving the strings intro and the distorted recording. Oh holy shit the beat drop and how it builds once it gets going is INCREDIBLE. This song is just perfect. I’m literally nearly crying like an idiot because it’s so beautiful and dramatic. Again not meaning to compare but this is SO Born To Die. I absolutely love this song.



Ok so this is one of the songs on the album which has more of a hip-hop style, but it’s still bloody brilliant. Her vocals are absolutely stunning on this track, and she manages to make fruit sound incredibly sexual. I’d definitely have my five-a-day with her. Also I love that every now and again she throws in a “….bitch”.

When she performs this song live, she does a little sexy dance routine in the chorus which I definitely don’t do…


White Mustang

This one is a bit slower, focusing on her incredible vocals, soft strings, and a loose hip-hop drum beat. I love how the song slowly builds and gets heavier over time. It’s only 2:45, and I kinda feel like it could have gone somewhere else to give it another level. It’s probably not one of my favourites on the album, but I do like it all the same.


Summer Bummer (feat. A$AP Rocky & Playboi)

(Released 12/07/17)

This was one of the songs that was released with the pre-order of Lust for Life. Honestly, I didn’t really like it at first, but after a few listens it got in my head and really grew on me to a point of really loving it. It’s very hip-hop and moody which is a much different vibe than say Love or Coachella. It’s actually a really sexy song. In one of her Instagram videos playing a clip from this song she said that she and A$AP Rocky actually recorded quite a few songs together but chose the best two for the album, and I really hope we get to hear the others someday.


Groupie Love (feat. A$AP Rocky)

(Released 12/07/17)

This was another one that was released with the preorder alongside Summer Bummer. Out of the two I’d say I probably prefer this one, but I do love them both (although this one is better for singing along). If you don’t love it at first, please give it a few more listens as I promise it’ll grow on you. It’s kind of like a slow hip-hop ballad. I get the impression that it’s about being in love with someone famous or someone in a band or something, and I’m sure we can all relate to that right?


In My Feelings

It starts off with really dramatic strings, then it kinda morphs into this song that’s a mix of hip-hop, dreamy and badass. I love the vocals in this song, her quick lyrics in the verses are awesome and in the chorus she sounds simply stunning. Her vocals are amazing, the beat and the music are awesome, love this song.


Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind

(Released 15/05/17)

This was another song that I liked instantly. I had a feeling of what it would be like purely by the fact that it was called Coachella, and I could imagine myself with a flower crown and long hair singing along to it at Coachella. The first part of the song is great, but the last minute is just beautiful! So dreamy and ethereal. This song is really catchy and easy to listen to, but the only thing I would change about it is the fadeout at the end.


God Bless America – And All the Beautiful Women In It

Ok I love this. It starts off with a sort of classical, Spanish sounding acoustic guitar, then it goes into a very dreamy BTD sounding verse. Her vocals, and the melody in this song are just beautiful. I also love the gunshots in the chorus when she sings “God Bless America”. It sounds like an obvious thing to say but it does sound like a national anthem (not National Anthem on BTD, but an actual national anthem).


When the World Was At War We Kept Dancing

Love the acoustic guitar chords at the beginning, we don’t really hear this much from Lana and it suits her so well. This song is so different because it’s a mix of acoustic, and the dreamy style Lana that we know so well. Again, her vocals are beautiful (how many times have I said that now?). Not a favourite on the album but it is a great song.


Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (feat. Stevie Nicks)

Ok so this is the song I’ve been excited for. Lana AND Stevie Nicks? I almost can’t cope. This is a proper ballad-y song, and it’s beautiful. It’s more of a typical band setup than most of the other tracks on the album as it’s focussed around piano and drums. Both their voices sound so amazing together, Lana is so soft and Stevie has that rasp to her that we all love and they just mesh so beautifully. This song is absolutely stunning. Can we get an entire collab album please? *heart eyes emoji*


Tomorrow Never Came (feat. SEAN ONO LENNON)

This song is so dreamy! Her voice is absolutely breathtaking on this song and the melody is so beautiful. It’s one of the more acoustic songs on the album and I’m annoyed that there doesn’t seem to be anything she can’t do. Sean Ono Lennon sounds exactly like his dad on this song so you’d be forgiven for thinking that she was doing a collab with John Lennon himself. Wow this song is absolutely stunning, I love it so much! It’s just magical. Definitely a favourite on an amazing album. Wow.



This song starts off very softly and quiet. It’s very atmospheric and almost space-like (not in a bad way obviously). At first she focuses on her amazing vocals and in the chorus is builds into this ethereal masterpiece. This song is nothing flashy but it’s so beautiful, then towards the end she shows off her sassy side and this is when the song really gets going, for me. Her vocals towards the end are stunning.



There’s something about Lana’s vocals that sounds like she’s singing it directly in your ear, there’s such a closeness about it which makes her music sound so intimate. I love this song as it’s so much more stripped back than a lot of the others on the album, it’s just her voice and a piano. This song is just so raw and honest, I’d love to hear it live. I have goosebumps. Also I absolutely love when she throws in notes that aren’t in the same key of the song, it makes me tingle.


Get Free

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but this song has a bit of a Spanish flamenco vibe about it. This song is very different from anything else she’s done. It’s quite upbeat and more commercial sounding, but I don’t mean that in a bad way. It still has Lana’s usual sound to it but there’s something different I just can’t seem to put my finger on. I do really like it though and I think it’s just going to grow on me more. I love the last minute as well which is just a light synth over the sound of the beach. It’s such a fitting end to an amazing album.


I seriously can’t find the words to express to you how much I love this album. I love every song but if I had to choose favourites from the ones we hadn’t already heard it would have to be 13 Beaches, Cherry, Tomorrow Never Came, Beautiful People Beautiful Problems, and Change.

What’s your favourite song? Let me know what you think of the album!




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