Bloggers Who Inspire Me

I’d say I’m quite an unknown blogger. Over the years I’ve tried to start up so many different blogs but they’ve all ended up just as fizzled out as my motivation. It’s easy to expect Zoella-level success when you first think about starting a blog, but once you actually get into it, you realise just how difficult and slow the process is. It’s very hard not to get disheartened when the viewing figures or retweets aren’t as much as you’d hoped, and it’d be very easy to give up when you don’t think you’re getting anywhere.

Today I thought I’d show some love for the bloggers who inspire me to keep at it, so that hopefully one day, you never know, I might be fortunate enough to feature in someone else’s “favourite bloggers” posts.



Run by the beautiful Hannah from Hampshire, who I am lucky enough to call one of my best friends. Her blog has recently made it’s comeback after a year-long hiatus and I couldn’t be more excited. She’s now focusing on her journey into veganism & cruelty free cosmetics, as well as showing off her stunning illustrations and talking about makeup and fashion. I just love the way she writes! Plus, she’s a total babe.


Katie’s Sanctuary

I’m not really sure how Katie and I found each other, if I’m honest. We supported each other on instagram for a while and then we got talking and bonded over our love of wrestling and castles and we were just kinda like “let’s be friends” and now we talk on a daily basis. She has so much personality in her blog posts, she writes like you’re catching up with a good friend. She blogs about mental health, beauty and lifestyle, and I really do believe that she is going places.


Jane’s Patisserie

If you enjoy baking and haven’t already heard of her – you need to go and check out her blog right now! She has tons of recipes for cakes, biscuits, cheesecakes, ice cream, afternoon tea…you name it – she’s done it! One thing I love is how simple her recipes are, and they’re so easy to follow and look so mouth-wateringly delicious I think I gain weight every time I see one.


Devoted To Pink

One thing I love about Leah’s blogging is how honest she is. I find it quite common for beauty bloggers to only talk about the products they love, but Leah will always write about when a particular product doesn’t work for her which makes it so easy to know that what she’s writing is organic and genuine. As well as writing about beauty and fashion she also posts about blogging and running a business which as a newbie blogger I find so helpful. Also her photography is to die for!


Wonderful You

I feel like nothing I write here is going to do this lady justice! She’s cute as a button, and the way she is so open and honest about mental health is something I really admire and respect as I find that part of blogging so scary to do. Megs’ style is amazing and I’m always finding myself looking at her Instagram in awe of all the beautiful outfits she puts together.



This lady is ultimate life goals right here. She is stunningly beautiful, and she gets to travel to the most gorgeous places and I love reading her posts about the different countries she’s been to. Her lifestyle entries are so fascinating to read and they really make me think and give me inspiration when I’m feeling like utter crap about myself.


Hannah Gale

Hannah recently won Blogosphere Magazine’s Blogger of the Year award and she so deserves it. She’s like the girl next door and so easy to relate to you feel like you’re talking to a friend when you read her posts. One thing I love about her writing and her personality is how down-to-earth she is, and she gives a no-bullshit approach to life and beauty and I love that. Also she has just announced that she’s having a baby and I’m so excited to see all the adorable baby clothes she buys I can’t contain it.


Mimi Ikonn

Mimi is the blogger I’ve been following for the longest, and although she hasn’t updated her blog in a while due to having a baby I regularly catch up with her on instagram and her vlogs. She is so kind and she’s the kind of person who always sees the good in everyone and a real “look on the bright side of life” person. I absolutely adore her interior style and the way she dresses and carries herself, and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t hoping to bump into her and Alex whenever I’m in London.


Friday Faye

I first discovered Faye on instagram with her INSANE flatlay skills and honestly, her photos are stunning! If you’re a fan of makeup and rose gold/pink then I suggest you check her out! She mainly focuses on beauty and fashion and I’m always finding myself reading her blogs for new products to try and photography inspiration.


I hope you enjoy reading about these lovely #GIRLBOSSES. I’m always looking to discover more blogs so let me know who you love!


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