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How I edit my photos

I remember back in my teenage years, in the good old days of MSN and MySpace when all my photos were either taken with my webcam or my crappy little digital camera, and the only form of photo editing we really had was just a case of upping the contrast until you looked like some sort of alien creature. Nowadays photography and photo editing is so much more accessible, where anyone can learn how to be a half decent photographer with just a smartphone and a photo editing app.

This generation has become obsessed with the flatlay phenomenon (myself included). It’s the new age of photography where all you really need is a few different props thrown onto a marble surface or a white faux fur rug (read, strategically and meticulously placed), and you’re good to go. There is certainly an art to it, and you need to put a lot of effort in to do it well.

I like to think that while I still have a little way to go, my photography skills have improved massively over the past couple of years. I can’t help but cringe when I look back on some of my early instagram posts where I’d obviously just looked around my room thinking “oh that looks nice”, took a photo, and uploaded it as it was. And why even is there an option to “Take New Profile Photo” on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc?! Who in their right mind would just click on that and bash one out there and then?!

All my photos are taken using my iPhone 7 Plus. It’s a very good camera but without the proper lighting the quality does suffer, as do most. The editing apps I use are VSCO, Facetune and UNUM. Until I can afford to download all the different filters in VSCO I just make do with the free version. I don’t generally use any of the free filters, but I do adjust the exposure, temperature, tint, and skin tone. I generally prefer cooler photos with a slight pink tint. After this, I whiten any parts of the photo in Facetune. All you do is draw on the screen over the parts you want to whiten, and then adjust how much whiter you’d like to make it. I also like that there’s no spill into object which you don’t want to make whiter, so this makes Facetune better for whitening than UNUM. Once this is done, I also adjust the vibrance on certain points in the photo to make them stand out. Then I upload the finished product into UNUM. I use this app every time I upload a photo onto Instagram. It’s great because you can see what a photo will look like against the other photos in your feed, and you can move photos around to make sure your grid looks coherent and you can maintain that all important theme. Once you’d placed the photo into your grid, UNUM does have some editing features where you can tweak your photos to make sure they go with the rest of your photos in your feed.


Here are some of my before and afters:


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My next goal is to get a good camera and a light ring to use for my photos and vlogs. I feel like that’ll really level-up my pictures, and it’s so annoying having to rely on a sunny day to be able to take decent photos!

If there are any other must-have photo editing apps out there hit me up!


5 thoughts on “How I edit my photos

  1. Hannah says:

    Love this post, thanks for the step by step! Your before and afters are awesome, I need to learn from you. It’s just that… ugh, I REALLY HATE the concept of having a theme and I need to get past that. >.<

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kimberley says:

      I tend to go through phases, sometimes I try to stick to a theme and other times I just think fuck it I’ll post what I want! 🙈


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