Fozzy – ‘Judas’ Album Review & First Impressions

I’ve been a fan of Fozzy since my early teen years. I grew up on the likes of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd from my dad’s influence, and even though at times I can be more Taylor Swift than Taylor Momsen, I am mostly still that way inclined.

Most people’s childhood crushes were the likes of Brad Pitt or Leonardo di Caprio – mine was Chris Jericho. I can’t remember when exactly I first became a fan, but I was a huge wrestling fan back in the day of the attitude era, and I think I was on some of the forums like the hip-happening person I am, and lo and behold, I discover that my favourite wrestler is in a band.

Fast forward about 15 years, and now they’ve released their new album ‘Judas’ I figured I’d so some sort of album review, because this album is really exceptional. My album reviews usually aren’t particularly professional, in the way that what I write is basically just my reaction on hearing the song for the first few times, so I may not be able to form complete sentences here and there but I’ll do my best to not sound like a babbling idiot. I just feel like it’s more organic and personal that way, rather than trying to make it sound clever like it belongs in a magazine.

So here we go.



This was the first song released from the album, and it’s a bit of a corker. Such a great choice as the lead song for the album. I really love the little bits of piano in the first verse, and how the song builds up gradually. I hate using the word “catchy” to describe songs, but this is the one that always sticks in my head. Since looking up the lyrics it actually hits very close to home at the moment, so I’m just gonna gloss over that before I turn into an emotional wailing banshee. Also I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to hear Chris Jericho tell me I’m beautiful on the inside. Cheers babe.


Drinkin With Jesus

I’m trying to find the words to explain what I like about this one, but all I can think of is that it’s just a fucking good song. I absolutely adore the vocal melody, especially in the chorus. Also appearing on this track is my pal Renny Carroll from Forever Never, providing some amazing vocals on a really solid song. Love it.



This is another song that I just can’t get over how awesome the vocal melody is, especially in the verses . Another relatable track and probably one of my favourites on the album, which I’m a little surprised about because it’s one of the heavier songs on there.


Weight of my World

I actually really like this song! Tt’s got little bits of electronic here and there, which adds a whole new level to the song. It feels weird describing a song as heavy but still upbeat, but there’s something about it that makes it feel different to all the other tracks, and I can’t put my finger on why. It doesn’t really matter though because it’s a great song. His voice is just sexual, as per usual.


Wordsworth Way

One of the slower paced songs here, and again I’m enjoying the little electronic touches here and there. I like it. It actually feels like a really personal song, it’s very intense. Love the ending too.


Burn Me Out

OH SHIT THIS SONG IS ALL KINDS OF SEXY. I love this. YES FOZZY. This one is definitely my favourite on the album. I always love the songs that are a bit different and have a more electronic feel to them. I’m going to go listen to this on repeat about a thousand times now.


Three Days in Jail

Again getting the synths involved – love it. Oh I wasn’t expecting the rap. Oh. I quite like it in the chorus though. Oh. I like it, but I think this one will be a grower for me – I like it more and more each time I listen to it though. I’m not a huge fan of the growling part towards the end, mainly because I can’t actually do that, and it makes performing it in the shower that much harder for me. The chorus in particular is brilliant though. This whole song is very Stuck Mojo.



Oooh another sexy one. I love the start. Is this song about having sex? Oh Jesus his voice sounds so fucking good in this song. Everything about this song is just awesome. I’m done. Bye.


Running with the Bulls

Ok this one is heavier than some of the others on the album, it’s the classic Fozzy we all know and love. If you like the heavier, more intense side of Fozzy you’ll definitely love this one. The lyrics on this song are amazing.



Another great song – this one is quite sexy as well actually. I really love the light and shade of this song, there seem to be quite a few different effects and levels to it and it really transforms, rather than just sounding the same throughout the whole song.


Wolves at Bay

METAALLLLL. There’s no hanging around here, no beating around the bush, just putting their balls out on the table – here’s the song. Great song to end the album on. Fucking awesome guitar riffs and solos. I think this’ll be another grower, even though it’s great on first listen.


All in all this is a really solid album, there isn’t actually a song I don’t like which is so rare for an artist to be able to do for me. Now I just need to find a way to get my butt to one of their UK shows in a couple weeks time.

Let me know what you think of the album!



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