Meeting Your Heroes: Expectation Vs Reality

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen me mention a couple of thousand times that I recently met one of my heroes.


Yep, you heard me correctly. There I am, looking very gormless next to Y2J. CHRIS JERICHO KNOWS I EXIST. So now I’m just gonna go and wait by the phone because obviously I should be expecting a marriage proposal any day now…

We’ve all heard the saying “Never meet your heroes” haven’t we? Because if they then turn out to be an utter prick it will forever ruin any kind of admiration or respect you ever held for them. So, me being me, I thought “fuck it” and I went ahead and did it anyway. His band Fozzy were touring the UK, so I went along to the Birmingham show and after it had finished I waited around afterwards to say hi (or something a bit cooler).

Here’s a brief recap of how it went.

First, here’s my inner monologue from when I was giving myself a little “don’t be a twat” pep talk before the encounter:

“Ok Kimberley you can do this. Just be charming and charismatic and everything will be fine. Remember now, and I know this may be difficult for you, but don’t say anything that’ll make you sound like a fucking bellend. Just tell him that you enjoyed the gig, or that you’re loving the new album, or perhaps throw in that you’ve been a fan of his since you were about 11 years old – but not in a wanky fangirl kind of way. It’ll be fine, he’s just another human. I believe in you, girl. “

IS PROBABLY WHAT I SHOULD HAVE SAID. This is an example of the aforementioned ‘expectation’. Because obviously when you meet someone you admire you’re going to instantly hit it off and they’ll be dazzled by your wit and charm and then you’ll become best friends right?


Here’s what my dickhead brain over here actually did:


I mean, really? Of all the things I could and should have said to this man, about his wrestling career or his music, or how he’s successful in literally everything he does, I did possibly the most British thing ever and started talking about the fucking traffic on the way to the gig. What’s next? The fucking weather? What I had to eat in the car? For fuck sake. I’m just gonna go and get in the bin and not allow myself to talk to other humans ever again.

I think perhaps the reason they say never meet your heroes isn’t because they might be a dick. No, it’s because you’ll do or say something to embarrass yourself and you’ll turn out to be the dick.

Luckily for me and my hopes of keeping my childhood crush in tact, he could not have been nicer. True, there probably are some heroes you should never meet, but after meeting him I can confirm that if one of yours is Mr Chris Jericho, then you absolutely should meet the fuck out of him.

If anyone reading this has any embarrassing stories about people you’ve met, please let me know in the comments below so I can feel better about myself.


4 thoughts on “Meeting Your Heroes: Expectation Vs Reality

  1. scottstearnsblog says:

    I met one of my favorite bands once, Falling in Reverse. They did a meet and greet, and the lead singer was my favorite person at the time. The line going down the band at the table, he was last. I was smiling and friendly to everyone else in the band, but when I got to him, I was so nervous. I quit smiling and I couldn’t talk. He probably thought I hated him.

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