If I won the lottery…

I must’ve had this conversation with my friends and family so many times – making imaginary plans of what I’d do with my fortune if I was lucky enough to win the lottery.  Ironically, if I had £1 for the number of times I’ve talked about it I’d probably be able to do all the things I wanted! Money can’t buy happiness, but it can seriously help by giving the opportunity to experience new things and achieve things you’d always wanted to do but couldn’t due to lack of funds. So without further ado, here are some of the things I’d do (and buy, obviously), if I won the lottery.


Naturally this would need to happen right? Probably one of the first things I’d do is go to London and just go crazy in Harrods. One of the things I’d definitely love to get my paws on is the Addictive Arts Perfume from Clive Christian. There are six luxury scents in the Addictive Arts Collection, and I was recently sent the Jump Up And Kiss Me sample set of ‘Ecstatic‘ and ‘Hedonistic‘. They’re such sexy and seductive scents, and I’d kill to own a whole bottle!


I also think I’d have a huge makeup haul (cruelty free of course), and I’m pretty sure I’d end up accidentally buying every Charlotte Tilbury lipstick/product. Then, I’d go clothes shopping on Bond Street. (This is in the imaginary world I live in where every item of clothing would look great on me and I wouldn’t just look like a potato).


This is a fairly boring and sensible one, but I dream about the day when I can own my own home. I hate the idea that I’m currently paying someone else’s mortgage, and I love that if I had my own place my husband I could decorate and make alterations whenever I wanted. I’d love a big-but-not-too-big house somewhere in the countryside but close enough to the city, big windows with lots of natural light, huge chandeliers, a fireplace in the bedroom, a kitchen with an island (basic bitch alert: with marble countertops of course!), a huge sweeping staircase, a big garden with lots of flowers and fountains and being overlooked by no one, a swimming pool and jacuzzi, a ginormous walk in wardrobe, and a bathroom big enough to have a sofa in. That’s not too much to ask, right? I’d actually get a few different places around the world, but I’d definitely also buy a house in the Lake District because it’s a special place for my husband and I, and I’d love to be able to visit whenever we wanted.


This is probably the one that I’d prioritise, because it’s been a dream of mine for so long now. I probably wouldn’t plan out an exact route, but I know where I’d want to go so I’d just start somewhere and work my way around the globe and see where I end up.  One place I’d definitely visit is the Maldives, and even though it’s a bit closer to home, I’d love to do a big tour of Italy. I just love experiencing the different ways of life, different cultures, and all the varying cuisines around the world.


One of the restaurants I’ve wanted to visit for ages now is Le Gavroche. It actually has two Michelin stars and is owned by Michel Roux Jr. Last time I checked their menu was around £200 per person so unfortunately I don’t think this will be happening any time soon, but this is definitely one for the ole bucket list!


I’d get all my girls together and we’d go on a luxurious 5-star spa holiday somewhere hot. We can drink cocktails by the pool, look fabulous, eat all the food we wanted, explore the local area, go shopping in fancy designer boutiques, and have all the massages and spa treatments we wanted because I’m sure we’ll be very tired out and stressed after a long hard day at the beach. Sigh.


Another more sensible one here, but I’d love to give a load of money to different charities. I’m a big animal lover, so a lot of it would go to a number of animal charities. I’d love to know that I could make a difference in their lives and this would probably be one of the things I’d do that would make me the happiest and give the greatest reward.


Hello quarter life crisis! I know it’s not particularly glamorous, but for ages I’ve wanted a copper red Madza MX5. I know everyone says it’s a hairdressers car, but I just love them. So I think that’d be my little runaround, and then we’d probably have an Aston Martin as our fancy car.


This goes without saying, but I’d give some money to my parents, my brother, and also Kristian’s family to do whatever they’d like with. It’d be such a good feeling to be able to treat them to the things they all deserve.


This will obviously be in the house I described above, maybe in it’s own separate building. I’d love to have a huge desktop Mac with all the best music software and equipment, and I’d have a huge grand piano so I could write and record my own music.


Again, this isn’t a particularly rock ‘n’ roll purchase, but I’ve always wanted a KitchenAid mixer but I don’t really cook or bake enough to warrant actually buying one right now. So if I had the money, I’d definitely get this copper beauty to go in my massive open kitchen, even if it’s just to look pretty.


When I was younger I used to be a huge fan of WWE (back when it used to be WWF!) The biggest Pay-Per-View event; Wrestlemania, is always around the beginning of April, and a few times it’s landed on my birthday, so one year I’d love to go to the USA, stay somewhere fancy, and sit in the front row of Wrestlemania on my birthday.

I’m going to nominate Hannah from Doodleheart and Katie from Katie’s Sanctuary to do a post about their imaginary lottery spoils!

What would you do if you won the lottery? Let me know in the comments below!


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2 thoughts on “If I won the lottery…

  1. Leslie Nichole says:

    These sound like so much fun! Oh I’d love to travel too, I’d probably never stay in one spot. I think I’d purchase a location and start my own bakery. I’ve wanted to own one sign I was little. It’s my retirement plan as of right now.

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