Gleb Savchenko Calendar Review

Ok girls, you’re going to need to sit down for this one.
If any of you are familiar with Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing with the Stars, you may be aware of the gift that is Gleb Savchenko.
If not, let me take pleasure in introducing you.
Ok. Where was I? I got distracted there for a minute with a rather tasty Google search…
Last Christmas I received the best present ever from one of my friends: his 2016 calendar. It’s very good but I don’t think one picture per month is enough. One per day should suffice for the future.
Anyway, recently he released his 2017 calendar, so, naturally I had to preorder it. Then we decided to film a video of the grand opening, and a “review” and comparison of the 2016 and 2017 calendars. I call it a review, but it’s basically just an excuse to look through it and stare at him.
Once we’d filmed the video and uploaded it to YouTube, Hannah tweeted about it, and – HE SAW IT. HE ACTUALLY SAW IT. He watched a video of us spending 15 minutes basically saying we want to see him naked. Oh God. What must he have thought!? ┬áIf I knew he was going to see it I would have made a bit more of an effort with my appearance!
I don’t know what to expect for 2018, as basically what we’ve asked for is bordering on soft porn.
Even though we do spend most of the video talking about his body, he does also have a gorgeous face, and he seems like a lovely, funny guy, too!
So here we are – enjoy!

You’re welcome.


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