My Favourite High Street Foundation

My search for the perfect foundation has been a very long, tiring, and expensive one. I cannot tell you how frustrated I’ve been in my seemingly endless quest to find ‘the one’ that’s right for me. I feel like I’ve tried every single one out there on both the high street and high end, and have been very close to just giving up and sticking with one that only half-worked, just so that I could cling to some sort of hollow victory.
Here’s a little about what I’ve been looking for. Being honest here – my skin is awful. I feel like my skin is oily but dehydrated at the same time (cheers for that), so how am I supposed to know if my skin is just naturally oily, or I’ve used a product for oily skin and it’s dried my skin out, and it’s then overcompensating by producing even more sebum? I still get spots, which I know a lot of other people do too, but I feel like we were mis-sold the idea of adult skin when we were teenagers, with so much emphasis on that awful teenage skin we all used to have I just kinda thought “oh it’ll get better when I’m not a teenager anymore right?” – wrong. And to add insult to injury, after a spot has gone I’ll have the mark there for months afterwards. I have dark shadows under my eyes that don’t go away no matter how much sleep I get, and my pores are huge (shoutout to Regina George).
With pretty much every foundation I try, I can never seem to get it to stay on my face – even the ones that claim they are long-lasting. And with the unevenness of my skin tone I need a foundation with good full coverage. I’ve tried Estée Lauder’s DoubleWear, Clarins’ Everlasting Foundation, Mac Pro Longwear, among many others and I’ve had no joy whatsoever. I did stick with DoubleWear for a while as that was was ok, but I did feel like it wasn’t allowing my skin to breathe and was therefore making it worse.
A year or two ago a friend recommended the Revlon ColorStay foundation which really worked for her, and they have a formula for Oily/Combination skin so I gave that a go and it was the best one I’d tried in a long time, and although I did find that I had to do touchups throughout the day, I decided to stick with that one thinking I’d found the one. Recently though, I’d decided to go cruelty free with all my makeup, haircare and skincare. I won’t go into any detail now, but you can read all about my transition here. And lo and behold – Revlon is not cruelty free, so once that ran out I was back at square one.
Given how long my previous search has been, I wasn’t expecting to find the perfect foundation as easily as I have. I’d been loving Collection’s Lasting Perfection concealer for a while now, as many others have, so on a complete whim when I was looking for a cruelty free alternative in Boots, I decided to try the matching Foundation.
Affordable high street foundation collection concealer cruelty free
And oh my God guys, I think I’ve found the one! Fucking finally! I absolutely love this foundation! The colour is great, although I do need to do a bit of blending down my neck, it sets quickly but not too quickly, and it has the perfect middle ground between a matte and dewy finish. And la piece de resistance – IT ACTUALLY STAYS ON MY FACE! Even when my T-Zone starts to get oily halfway through the day, it doesn’t come off. Due to this it can make me look a bit shiny, but I think that’s a problem with my skin and not the foundation because the parts of my face that don’t get oily stays put all day. But with saying that, it’s the first foundation I’ve found that won’t come off the minute I get oily, I just need to powder it and I’m good to go. I can’t believe I spent a good few years spending £30-a-pop on DoubleWear, and now I’ve found one that’s so much better for me for just £5.99. I’m just gonna pretend I don’t know how many more clothes I could have bought if I’d have switched earlier.
If I were to give a con of this foundation, it’d probably be the fact that it only comes in 5 different shades. I went for shade 2 which is Ivory and it’s a very good match on me, but if you’re particularly pale or a dark-skinned goddess you may struggle to find a shade in this range to suit you.
Here’s some pics of it in use. The only bit of editing I’ve done here is up the exposure a tiny bit as the photos were a bit dark. Other than that they are totally unfiltered and unedited! (Although I really want to get rid of that rogue bit of hair in the third photo).

Have you tried this foundation? I’d love to hear about your favourites!



  1. August 19, 2017 / 1:46 pm

    Yay! I’m actually so chuffed you love this foundation because I deff feel like I wanna give it a go now – & at £5.99, winner winner! xx

  2. August 20, 2017 / 4:36 pm

    ARE YOU SERIOUS KIMMIE, I am so so freaking happy for you as I KNOW the struggle you’ve had but it’s absolutely hilarious(ly depressing?!) that after all this time The One is a £5.99 high street bargain. Overjoyed that it turned out to be good – I was so anticipating this review!! I’m now really keen to try this myself as I do love the concealer although it will be interesting exactly how orange even shade 1 it makes my pale self? Definitely will be cracking out the cocktails in celebration next time I see you :’) xx

  3. October 14, 2017 / 10:48 pm

    I always find it really difficult to find a good foundation! This is such a good bargain!

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