Things I'd Save in a Fire 

Even though my house is filled with ‘stuff’, my favourite things I own are those items and photographs which have a particular meaning or memory associated with them. To me, those are the things which make these empty rooms into my home.
Up until recently I’d never been able to answer the question “What would you save in a fire?”. I guess that none of my possessions had that much value to me. Sure there were clothes and makeup I couldn’t live without, and my Laura Ashley sofa, but there was never that one thing jumping out at me that I would save above all else.
So I’ve sat down and really thought about it, and here’s a few things I’d save in a fire. (Obviously this is assuming that me, my husband, and the cats were already out and safe).

Wedding Box

When it comes to memories I’m such a hoarder. My wedding box is filled with souvenirs and things from my wedding and honeymoon that I made a point of saving. Things like confetti, favours, the cake topper, name cards, invitations, wedding cards, guest book, etc. On my hen do my bridesmaids gave me a ‘Miss to Mrs’ book that they’d made, with pictures and letters from everyone and it’s honestly the best gift I’ve ever received. I definitely didn’t cry like a complete loser when they gave it to me…

Memory Box

Basically the same thing as my wedding box, but it’s filled with other memories with Kristian and my friends. It contains things like gig tickets, little momentos from holidays and trips we’ve been on, photos, birthday cards and little presents, you get the idea.

My Wedding Dress

Pretty obvious as to why, this is the one item of clothing that is completely irreplaceable. Even though I’ll probably not wear it again (apart from prancing around the house of course), it will continue to sit pride of place in my wardrobe forever. And my beautiful custom veil from Crown & Glory is also in the dress bag so I technically get two items for the price of one here.

My Phone

This probably sounds like such a materialistic thing, but as most of my friends don’t live close to me, my phone is the only way I can communicate with them. I speak to them daily and there are so many photos and memories on my phone I just couldn’t bear to leave it behind.

Ratbag’s Kitten Collar

This is a weird one, admittedly. So basically when they were kittens we thought we had one boy and one girl, so I put a huge pink polka-dot bow on the girl, only until we went to the vets and they told us that ‘she’ was actually a boy. After that I took it off and got him a much more appropriate collar, but I’ve still got it in their cupboard because it’s just so tiny and adorable and I can’t possibly imagine anything being able to fit into it. I guess what I feel towards it is probably the same reason why women keep their children’s baby clothes. I’m totally not emotional right now just thinking about it. I’m fine.
What would you save in a fire?



  1. September 19, 2017 / 12:22 pm

    The kitten collar had me like ‘don’t cry don’t cry’ :/ all the feels! I feel like I’d definitely try & save my phone, because I’ve 100% got nearly 4000 photos on it (I don’t even know) and then photos that aren’t on my phone..letters & cards like you say, irreplaceable stuff! After that… god I don’t know. It’s a tough one! xx

  2. September 28, 2017 / 1:58 pm

    Love this <3 I completely relate about Ratbag's collar! When we lost our Golden Retriever Tess when I was 16, I wore her collar tag on a necklace for a really long time to keep part of her close to me.

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