NARLOA | Intense Hair Oil with Lavender Review

Recently I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on Twitter by a new skin and haircare brand; NARLOA. I won a 30ml bottle of their new intense hair oil with lavender. I was so happy because I literally never win anything, and this was the first of three giveaways I won in the space of about two weeks!
Here’s what their website says about the product:

Using raw, natural ingredients (including actual lavender herbs), our new Intense Hair Oil works in many different ways. It can be used to promote hair growth, restore moisture balance to scalp and hair, smooth flyaways, soften hair, boost hair’s natural shine and deep condition/treat hair.
The three main ingredients are fractionated coconut oil, castor oil and argan oil, all of which are known to give life and energy to lacklustre hair. The essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, lavender and cedarwood all have potent and vital properties that will encourage hair to grow and prevent dandruff.
Suitable for all hair and scalp types.

This oil contains Coconut, Castor, Argan, Rosemary, Peppermint, Lavender and Cedarwood.

I was a little concerned about this product at first, as I generally can’t seem to get hair oils to work for me. The ones I’ve tried previously have all made my hair look wet and greasy which is not a great look, so I was praying that this would be better. At first I made the mistake of spraying it directly onto my hair – don’t do that. For some reason I thought it’d be more of a spray…I’m not really sure why!
This amazing oil can be used on either dry or wet hair.
To use on dry hair, just pump a small amount into the palm of your hand, and work through your hair. I usually rub my hands together and wipe off any excess on a towel, then work it through my hair to make sure it doesn’t make it look greasy, then add a bit more if necessary. You can always build up if you don’t use enough, but there’s nothing worse than using too much! Lately my hair has been so unruly and frizzy, and it’s been the only thing I’ve used in ages that’s actually made it so soft and tamed all those dastardly flyaways! It smells great too, very minty! I actually bought a small pot of essential oils to help me sleep, and it smells exactly like that!
If you’d like a deep condition, apply the oil to your hair when it’s damp (before washing), massaging it into your scalp and hair, then don your sexiest shower cap and leave it in to cook for 30 minutes, then wash your hair as normal. I can’t tell you how soft my hair is after doing this! It’s actually made my hair manageable and I no longer want to shave my head when my hair won’t do what it’s told!
You can purchase this hair oil here for the bargain price of £9 for 100ml! I won a 30ml bottle and I’ve used it religiously since, and once for a deep condition where I used quite a bit more than usual, and I’ve still got half the bottle left. I’ll definitely be repurchasing and I can’t wait to try some of their other products as well! I’m so glad I’ve found this amazing organic company that use all plant-based, natural products free from parabens, alcohol, fillers, synthetic preservatives and artificial colours or fragrances. And they’re also cruelty free which is so important to me!


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  1. September 22, 2017 / 6:16 am

    Wow this sounds like an incredible product! I absolutely love natural cosmetics like these which do wonders for your hair. Will definitely be looking into it (because who doesn’t like the opportunity to wear a sexy shower cap lol) <3

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