Welcome to the first instalment of my new (and first!) series, called Being Vegan In! In this post, I’m going to be taking you through my experience of being vegan in Copenhagen.

Since going vegan in 2018 I’ve been much more conscious when eating out, especially when visiting a foreign country. Veganism isn’t as big in some places as it is in the UK, so sometimes finding somewhere to eat can be a struggle. Copenhagen was the first foreign city I’ve visited as a vegan so I had to do a lot of research before my trip. I usually do all my research on Pinterest for vegan city guides. I only managed to find a select few specifically about vegan restaurants and areas for vegan food around the city.

So with that, I thought I’d start my own series! Every new city I visit I’m going to help you out with all the best vegan restaurants. I’ll do the hard work so you don’t have to! I hope it comes in useful, and that it directs all you lovely vegans (and non-vegans!) to some wonderful food!


We didn’t have a huge budget when we were in Copenhagen. Breakfast wasn’t included in our hotel deal so we knew we’d have to source all our meals while we were there. Many of the places I mention in this post also offer breakfast, brunch, and lunches. But, as we were going out for dinner every night we decided not to eat out for the other meals to try and save money.

There was a Lidl just around the corner from our hotel, so every morning we went there to buy some fresh pastries. Luckily, the ingredients and allergens list were really simple to understand so it was easy to find vegan options there.


Vegan Hot Dog

One of the signature foods in Copenhagen is the hot dog. So, I was on a mission to find a vegan version. Luckily I managed to find one at a hot dog stand next to the entrance to the Round Tower (Rundetaarn).

Copenhagen vegan

It was…only ok. It came to around £11 for two which is a lot for what they were. The meat hot dogs are a lot bigger and come with more toppings than the vegan one did. It was perfectly nice, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to have another one next time I’m in Copenhagen.

The other signature dish of Copenhagen is the open sandwich (or Smørbrød, to use the Danish term). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a vegan one anywhere. So if anyone knows of anywhere in the city that does do them let me know in the comments below!

We also went to Torvehallerne, a large food market close to Nørrebro metro station. Unfortunately, they didn’t have much choice for vegan food, which was a shame. We thought we’d found a vegan smørbrød, but the guy told us it had mayonnaise on it so obviously it wasn’t. (We had to explain to him what dairy was, so make sure people know what you’re asking them when you ask for vegan food). Luckily we managed to find a pastry stand there where we had a gorgeous tomatoey pastry. It was lovely but didn’t go very far!

On the whole, we did struggle for lunches. I think if you have a bigger budget and can afford to go to actual restaurants for lunch it will be a bit easier, but it was hard finding cheap vegan street food.


Veggie Heroes

There are a handful of gorgeous restaurants that are fully vegan in Copenhagen, but my absolute favourite was Veggie Heroes.

Veggie Heroes is a vegan all-you-can-eat restaurant which serves mainly Indian and Lebanese food. Luckily for us, it was located right around the corner from our hotel. There are two Veggie Heroes restaurants in Copenhagen; one in Vesterbro, and the other in Østerbro.

Copenhagen vegan

We were a little confused at first when some dishes were labelled as “chicken” and other types of meat. When we asked, the waiter told us that all the meat substitutes were actually made from soy, so everything was vegan.

We absolutely loved this restaurant. The food was delicious, and as it was a buffet we could eat as much as we wanted. The food came to around £12 each which was an absolute steal. And they have the most LIFE-CHANGING Oreo cheesecake, which is reason enough to visit Copenhagen if you ask me.

Copenhagen vegan

When we left I told the manager that his restaurant was “very hygge”, and he looked at me slightly weirdly but then thanked me. I imagine he was probably just trying to be polite to the weird girl.


Souls are quite a well known vegan restaurant in Copenhagen, and for good reason. Their slogan: “Eat Like You Give A Fork” gives a clear indication of their ethics and direction as a restaurant.

Copenhagen vegan

We both went for the Soul burger, and I have to say it’s one of the best burgers I’ve ever had – vegan or otherwise. By the time we sat down to eat I was absolutely starving, so I couldn’t even think about getting decent photos of my food before I literally shovelled it down my throat as though my life depended on it. They also offer breakfast and lunches too, so if you have a bigger budget I’d seriously consider going here at a different time of day too.

Copenhagen vegan

In total we had two burgers with fries, two drinks (one expensive cocktail for me, obviously), and a jug of water. Our bill came to just under £60 which is on the more expensive side, but as we were on holiday we didn’t mind so much. It’s probably not somewhere I’d visit on a regular occurrence due to the price, but it is definitely worth eating there if you’re visiting Copenhagen. We ended up getting a taxi there, but the closest metro station is Nørrebro.


SimpleRaw would be perfect for the health-conscious vegan in Copenhagen. As the name suggests, the majority of their food is all raw. (Although they do offer a few warm options too).

Copenhagen vegan

We shared a bowl of sweet potato nachos, my husband had their rice paper with avocado, lettuce, and cabbage (which was like vegan sushi), and I had the avocado sandwich. I tried to describe what my meal was like, but my best attempt was as follows. “It’s more like a burger than a sandwich. But then it’s more sandwichey than a burger”. If you can make sense of that, you deserve some sort of award.

Copenhagen vegan
Copenhagen vegan

All the food was delicious and so healthy. All of the desserts sounded gorgeous, but we were full by that point so we didn’t have anything else.

Our bill came to around £35 which was an absolute bargain for what we had. I’d definitely go there again. It’s located just down the road from the Rundetaarn, not far from Nørrebro metro station.

Self Catering & Other Options

If you’re staying in self-catering accommodation in Copenhagen and find yourself wanting to stay in and cook as opposed to eating out, there are plenty of shops and health food stores around the city. Happy Cow. is a great website and app for finding shops and health stores that cater to a vegan in Copenhagen. You can set filters as to what kind of food you’re looking for, such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free etc. And it will show the location, price guide, and other people’s reviews. There’s also a Happy Cow app so you can check for nearby places on the go.

Another great option for cheap, delicious food is Too Good To Go. This app enables you to search your city for food that hasn’t sold throughout various restaurants and cafes near you. You can often find great deals on delicious food for much cheaper than if you went out to eat. Doing this usually works best if you are happy to eat later than usual, as most of the food is listed late at night when a lot of places are closing. Plus, as far as I’m aware there isn’t a way of filtering the results to only include vegan food.

Honestly there are so many more places to eat than I managed to visit.

I’d have loved to eat at Nyhavn harbour along the waterfront, but I think that’s perhaps something to do when the weather is a bit warmer. We did have a quick glance at the menus but as far as we could see there weren’t any vegan options. If this is something you have your heart set on do take some time to properly scour the menu boards of each restaurant.

I hope you found this post useful! What vegan restaurants are your favourite?

What other places do you want me to cover? Let me know in the comments below! And make sure to check out my post of the best things to see and do in Copenhagen!

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  1. Love this! Recently I’ve started eating a more plant based diet, I’m scared to say vegan as now and then I might eat something with dairy in it, but I have cut out meat, fish, eggs and milk for the majority of meals. I’m currently living in Australia and being vegan is HUGE out here, they even have a day dedicated to being vegan, so if you get a chance defiantly come out to Australia!

    1. That’s great! Doing something is definitely better than doing nothing, so even if you wouldn’t class yourself as fully vegan it’s great that you’re still making conscious choices. Also that’s amazing about the vegan day in Australia! What day is it? My husband has always wanted to go there so I’m sure we will eventually!

  2. Loved this post! Recently I’ve tried eating a more plant based diet, I’m scared to say vegan yet as I do now and then still eat dairy products. But I moved to Australia about 4 months ago and being vegan is HUGE out here, defiantly worth a visit!

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